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BISMI Lubes was started in 1999 Covering 7 districts of Kerala as the First Authorised Automotive Lubricant Distributor of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.

Through a network of more than 500 dealers and sub Distributors marketing HP Lubricant in the Open Market in all nook and corners in the state and BISMI is still the Topmost Lube Oil Distributor in Kerala.

We deal with HP automotive grades include HP Milcy range of Diesel Engine Oils (HP Milcy Turbo Tech, HP Milcy Turbo Star, HP Milcy No. 1, HP Milcy Synthetic, HP Milcy Turbo, HP Milcy Super, HP Milcy 40, etc.), Cruise range of oils for passenger cars running on Petrol (HP Cruise, HP Cruise Classic), Racer range of oils targeting 2/3 wheelers (HP Racer 2 for 2-stroke engine, HP Racer 4 for 4-stroke engines) and HP Gasenol for passenger cars and three wheelers running on CNG/LPG engines, HP Kisan Shakti for agricultural pump sets, HP Gear Drive series for automotive gear oils and HP Kisan Shakti.

In the industrial segment, well known brands include HP Enklo series for hydraulic applications, HP Parthan series for industrial gears, HP Turbinol series for Turbines, HP Hycom grades for compressors, HP Koolkut and HP Trimofin series as cutting oils, HP Hytherms for thermic fluids and many more. The range of greases include products for automotive and industrial applications like HP AP3 Grease, HP Lithon, HP Tisona, etc.

We also supply CO-branded oil of HP with OEM’s namely Bajaj, Force, Mahindra , Tata etc .






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