Bismi Care

Bismi care extended warranty.

Complete peace of mind at a low price.

BISMI CARE Extended Warranty covers specific models of Kitchen Appliances and any other product that BISMI those to include from time to time.

The Extended Warranty cover commences on expiration of the Manufacture's Warranty/Guarantee period and is for a period mentioned in the Service Contract Details.

Company will Organise for repair to Normal Operating Condition or replace at our discretion a covered electrical/electronic product after it has suffered a covered breakdown during normal use.(Subjected to BISMI CARE Terms and Contitions in the Service Contract)

For Complete and updated list of products and models covered,
please call the BISMI Care Toll Free Number: 1-800-266 04 05 (Exclusive Hotline for Bismi Care)

You can also register your claim by typing "warranty" from your mobile number and send SMS to 56161